Hi all,

You can see in my signature my current fleet, also I have Raksha and I'm wondering if I should replace Azreal with Raksha. I have TS4 modul for protector and rover and they are at the same lvl, also Raksha is already at +5.

I'm wondering about it for 3 reasons:
1- I still need 90+ rover chips to make krill +7, if I revert Azrael I'll get 64 chips back.
2- Raksha is very powerfull, when I face him in GL if my oponent has first shoot, I loose 99% of battles. No many players have Dark FS but he can still be blocked with kitt...
3- Azrael has a bad hit rate and don't do a lot of damage. But has you know, if he curse some ships, the game is probably over for the oponent.

The main problem is I run SL. In addition to the fact that raksha will decrease the damage reflection skill, he will also take the first shoot and then reduce the power of SL.

What's your opinion guys?

Thanks for advices!