Hello everyone and welcome to the April 2017 installment of the Cross Cosmos Competition.

Fight 1: We begin with the new kid on the block - Caroline. One would think that first shot with Raksha and followed by Dark Flagship special would spell doom for Chris, finding himself with just Azrael and Caroline left in round 3. After that, everybody starts to dodge due to Caroline's buff on both sides and the match ends due to something I can only call a lucky hit on Chris's side, killing the opposing Caroline and ending the match.

Fight 2: Wonderful read on ESES's part, who sacrifices his Flagship against Sky Mightilis devastating special. After that, Raksha activates and absorbs all of ButerNutz first round overcharged special attacks. After the spike damage is over, Esses seems to stabilize with his Star Lord, Louise and an unblocked Fearsome Devil. Star Lord just refusing to die with Krill activations and Louise also helping him to stay alive. I also kept thinking of replacing Fearsome Devil with another commander for a while... but after matches like these, I see that he is still very much viable.

Fight 3: What's this? An OLD commander brought back by the current meta-game? Dor has the PERFECT skill to counter Caroline, but he also needs to be well taken care of (like Fristert did). First strike seems to be the cherry on top of the cake in this match too for Fristert, enabling Dor to dodge everything that's being thrown at him. Also due to Dor, this is the first fight I remember seeing in top32 CCC where the fight ends before all commanders fire their special in the first round.

Fight 4: A more worthy opponent for Fristert this time. Kartman has opening shot but it's of no use, Fristert reads Kartman well and sacrifices his flagship to Bard's opening salvo. Afterwards, Caroline and Dor take over on Fristert's part. This battle might of had a different result if Kartman had his Dor as well taken care of as Fristert's Dor. The fleet bonuses and bringing a ship along just for its special attack prove to be a bad idea on Kartman's part. This shows in the rest of their matches too, where Kartman's opening shot with Bard catches even 3 commanders and it still doesn't help him win.

Fight 5: Very strong commanders on both sides, opening shots taking out 2 commanders almost on each side. Bamvel's Azrael though lands a really heavy blow against amedo and only leaves the Flagship alive. And, again, we are left with a dodge match between 2 Carolines. Apparently amedo has some good Deatheye stones though since both his Flagship and Caroline land blows on the enemy in the end, winning amedo the match.

Fight 6: Very big level difference between this two, however, sclipici3 is no pushover and this shows to how well his Star Lord and Ambrose tank shots from Bamvel. This all changes rapidly however with just one Azrael special which curses 3 of his last 4 commanders. Caroline also killing herself on Star Lord's shield. Tough break, scipici3.

Fight 7: Marco has a very up-to-date fleet, Marco is not a pushover. What Marco doesn't have though is first strike and Caroline. This allows drakoxa's Caroline to go on a rampage (I don't even think that Kit was needed on her to take down Raksha) and take down Marco's fleet slowly and surely... not even an unblocked Fearsome Devil is able to help him.

Fight 8: Very nice read and fleet setup on Hammer's part. He knew he doesn't have first shot and he knew Dymeona will most likely open with Raksha. Dark Flagship first hit on his part dispels Raksha's shield and Caroline kills him afterwards. Match is not over though, Dymeona also has Caroline. A dodge match ensues which Hammer wins due to Krill activating and healing his Caroline ... also because he ends up killing Dymeona's Caroline by hitting Star Lord (low health on her seems to be a weakness).

Fight 9: VERY nice match ... The Raksha / Caroline combo seems to be a real killer on 123s's part. However, Silukirp has an amazing Louise which simply refuses to die. Having an unblocked Fearsome Devil also helps him a lot with dealing damage and tanking at the same time. It seems another answer to Caroline's extremely high dodge is Sturdy's extremely high hit rate. A special from Sturdy is fearsome indeed, too bad his accumulator doesn't recharge like Fitzgerald's. It is enough, however to win the match for Silukirp.

Fight 10: Championship match. Both guys are well known, both guys are VERY tough. It seems that Amedo came unprepared for Caroline though and that proves to be his undoing. His strikers don't have enough hit rate to touch her it seems and Fristert buffs all his ships with perfect hit and crit due to Dor. Fitzgerald's legendary sword enhanced special is just devastating for Amedo ... making this match look very unbalanced (which is NOT the case). I guess we will see a Dor 2.0 commander coming soon to counter Caroline, otherwise Dor will have his comeback in this meta.

I hope you enjoyed it guys!
Feedback is welcome!