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Thread: Galactic Guide--FB rewards event

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    Galactic Guide--FB rewards event

    Welcome to our official FB page(see link below) to attend the funny event and get rewards.
    Here is the event content:
    From the summer of 2013, to today in 2015.
    You have been with us for more than 700 days, GL thank you.
    We can feel your strength, courage, and passion.
    It is said that where there is people, there will be friendship, and with friendship, fantastic stories happens.

    Galaxy exist, because of you. Because of you, legend lives on.
    Looking back, looking forward.
    On this day when 2 years anniversary edition approaches, we need to go forward.
    New version will bring new gameplay, new heroes, new items, new social interaction ...
    In order to convey this content, GL official team needs a good "Guide".This Guide will lead the Commanders to go through this vast galaxy, assist Commanders in many ways.

    Her name is Gal, but her body is still in the restructuring phase.She needs to be born under the design of our Commanders, and she will go through the entire life cycle of this game.
    Event procedures:
    1. LIKE GL official Facebook page.
    2. Please send your idea of "Gal" to us, it can be hand-painted, PSed pictures, art materials, texts and so on, no restriction. Give us the most direct suggestions.
    3. If your design is selected, and you are the first one to submit that design, you will receive:
    100,000x Credit, 200x Z bosons
    4. In order to encourage more players, we have set 2nd and 3rd prizes, along with 10 participation prize, prizes are as follows:
    2nd prize: 50,000x Credit, 100x Z bosons
    3rd prize: 30,000x Credit, 50x Z bosons
    Participation prize: 10,000x Credit
    Event Time:
    2015-08-5 0:00 to 2015-08-20 0:00

    Even if we wouldn't use the winning design,
    We will still select the outstanding designs and give prizes to the winning players.
    (Every time this post get 1000 likes, we will select 10 lucky player from comment section and share section. They will receive one "GL 2 Year Anniversary Super Pack" which is worth 10,000 credits.)
    The new 2 year anniversary version of GL will be online soon, please stay tuned.
    Download our game:
    FB Page:


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    Please post winners names ina different Post on Facebook. The List GL posts is between thousands on comments and is hard to find

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    Feedback received!

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