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Thread: GL Player Interview----Thomas Mann

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    Jane will understand me without words, I will Express my opinion on some aspects with which I disagree)

    Innovations for 370 servers exclusively.
    No more the server will not gain 400 investment ever)

    Now, after free loans from the funds for all players-only 370 servers in a war top1-TOP5 will be all of them; and he offers to give old SS commanders the top alliances, that is again only on the server 370.

    Can such "influential" figures games like Jane, the developers will begin to listen.
    Get back the old system of selection of enemies. When the enemies were selected according to their previous achievements, the result of the past of Pandora, weak servers fought with weak, strong with the strong – perfect competition and interest plus the possibility of development. Now the war only with neighbors. If you're the strongest server in the area, you will always be first and to constantly increase the advantage, weakening more and more so weak.
    In the system must be returned. Take the points earned for the server associated with the rest; add filters, for example, the choice of the opponent, setting the number of players reached level 100 on the server(0-5, 5-10, 10-20, 20-30, 30-50 etc.); compare options and find a more or less equal opponents (server).

    Your teamwork server, of course, commendable, but in this way iOS game turned into a game of one server. In any MMORPG is the strongest "clan/Guild/group, but they are not alone and, in principle, the other players are on an equal footing and in the end, I can compare them to the competition, in iOS Galaxy legends is unrealistic.

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    But the major mistake was picking up all the richest donaters at one server. And now u r "friends". It killed the natural competition in principle, now all in agreement.
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    Coming from someone who joined War late. I could understand the previous comment about one server having "consolidated" power but the lack of Tap merging lesser server has a direct result in this just as much as anything else. My previous server has faced months of imbalanced pandora's leading to several folks leaving. We have written tap time and time again to ask for help in spread the balance of the game out. If your looking for answer to the issue war is not it, it's just a family of folks who take care of other, allow them to grow, and maintain their investment. I'm not high roller player by any means. Most of our server are regular old players who spend a little here and there. Like most we come on and want to make sure we have a good balance between spending and not having to worry about getting merged to actually do anything against larger servers.

    In short, war is not about money, you can have your opinion on it. I've been on war for 7 months, I've played with everyone on the server, they all share information and created a program to help everyone. Big or small benefits it. Jane & others have restored a lot of fun in the game. Yes, we have a several folks speed large, but it is not the focus of the war server to spend our way to victory for everything.



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    Actually the game is very exciting and fun for us. We joined together to allow our server to prosper and not die. To create a great community and to work togehter in a friendly competition.

    We won the first three CC events still as a regular server. The recruting only took off with the introduction of the battle chat, that's when we got a large first inflow. What I am saying is that we were dominating even before because we had a lucky bunch of starting players including Powerman and myself.

    The fund was a great event. I think a lot of other servers could have reached a higher count if they worked together and got the small players to join in. It was a huge amount of organization and communication to get the counter that high, don't underestimate the amount of work which goes into making those things possible.

    Also, our goal was to make the game more fun for all, especially small spenders and I think we succeeded. It was never the goal to have the top 5 in cc all war, if that was the goal we would have split up our finance heavy players in war 1 between war 2-5. The goal is to have a fun allaince for all styles of play and wallet sizes

    And about CC rewards. He first few cc competitions has great rewards for those times. I still remember the excitement of winning. Now rewards are nearly worthless and that's why there is little competition within the top 10. I am sure that better prizes will give us more action and new allainces wi emerge in the top 10.
    Your comments to my interview show that you don't understand how war works and what our goals are. You are very welcome to drop in and join us for a while to see for yourself. Most players who join us never drop their home accoint, quite the opposite they get much stronger at home and keep playing the game for longer, so how could our server be a bad thing?!
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    Among them is One North- East, the public sector

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