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Thread: Need help with my next commander choice

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    Need help with my next commander choice

    Hey guys!

    I need help with my next commander choice. At the moment, i have Flagship+5, Fearsome Devil+6, Star Lord+7, Azrael+7 and Gerofrey+7. I am thinking to swap the useless Geofrey+7 for a Stratus+7 or Ursa+4 (I don't have chips to make Ursa +7 for now).

    So, my question is, should i go for Stratus as 3rd multi-shooter and locker, or should i go for the Ursa instead ?
    Now i have 40k credits and i can even wait for new red destroyer, but i am really tired of my Geofrey, coz each and every fleet uses Kit.

    Thanks for any advice in front

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    Both are good options, I would go for Ursa if I was in your shoes. Because as a commander you don't need him to fire first to get his full effect. Stratus will be competing with the other three for first shot in your fleet.
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    Wait, be patiently and take a look over the Red Destroyer who will coming...
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    Thank you for the advice. Problem is, every enemy with Ursa wins 7 out of 10 battles agains my fleet, even if his other ships are crap and he is 50-100M force under me (I am 631M force). Its a pain to see someone with free ships from Celestial Portal and abit of luck getting Ursa for 15-20k credits only to beat your fleet in which you have invested 200k credits just because the fakin Ursa is 1-shoting your entire fleet. That is why, i want to buy Stratus to lock enemy's Ursa or Ursa, so i can kill his Ursa

    Forgot to add that if i get Ursa, i can upgrade her to +5 only, but if i get Stratus, i can upgrade him to +7 right away coz i have enough striker chips.

    And btw, even if i wait 1-2 more months and buy the expected new red destroyer, enemy's Ursa worth only 25k-30k credits in worst case, will keep killing me
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    From my experience

    For full Ursa effect would need Ursa +7. I ran Ursa at +5 and it didn't work as well.

    Elsa +4 as Ursa Lt. Also is very helpful

    Can still loose because it depends on whose Ursa gets into ping pong mode
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    You'd better go for Stratus. To be able to take down enemy's Ursa you will need to have your Ursa more powerful and able to withstand his attack. It means you will have to upgrade him at least to +7 without forgetting aerosiderites.
    Stratus locks with 60% chance without any augmentation and due to cross attack has a higher chance to hit Ursa.
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    if you are ok to downgrade SL (unless he can one-shot) and lose cores then get Ursa. i have both ursa and stratus at +7. unless u can get stratus to full kings tab in MC and a good ts 3/4. u wun b able to do much with stratus killing. ursa however kills. but goes last and monomer. so depends on what you need. killer or disruptor (SL).

    additionally ursa helps remendously in primus. n stratus 60% is useless. azrael does a better job at 70% coz u need a few hits to kill ursa with his awesome blocks
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    I would place SL higher than Ursa.
    Reverting SL to augment Ursa is self defeating.
    U need to augment both.
    Since SL is already +7, use lose 50% of your Cores when you revert

    Based on your present setup, I would have SL fire first, then Azrael, then Geoffrey.
    Deprive your opponent a chance to fire SATK thru depleting accumulator, then, nerf them using Azrael.
    Geoffrey's shields will buy you time to recharge your accumulator.
    If you are lucky with SL& Azrael, your FD will not be needed so he can fire his SATK
    Of course, the flagship is last

    Your FD will not be nerfed
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    or get dor - kit Lt., critical and hit
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    Quote Originally Posted by foolya View Post
    Wait, be patiently and take a look over the Red Destroyer who will coming...
    You mean we need to save 160K credits when it shows up in monopoly:-)

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