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Thread: Module Wormhole 2017-04-07 (2 days)

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    Module Wormhole 2017-04-07 (2 days)

    Loose first shot at wave 5 to Incendos

    Shoot first again in wave 6

    From wave 7 loose first shot.

    From wave 6, opponent starts to become dodgy.

    From wave 12, opponent can withstand Ursa's 800% special attack.

    In a babysit account, i noticed that from wave 10, commanders who do not have Manoinver's Cabin upgrade make only 2 or 3 digits damage.

    So strangely, the babysitted account could hit but didn't do much damage because of Dor increase hit rate, while mine could not hit but when hit could do damage.

    My own account ended at wave 13 with free tries.

    Module Wormhole accumulator status and formation of opponent over at Facebook

    Thanks to Lola we have

    Rewards are pretty good if you need TS-4 module chips
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    Same here .. dead on 13 the second time. Will probably finish tomorrow. Wave 15 (15 tridents) is not worth even 1 reset of 200c unfortunately.
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    Thank you Nopo.

    For a high dodge Wormhole the dodge is quite ok. Only few misses from my fleet (hit rates 155, 165, 180, 188, 193). At the time I used Dor with +65 hit rate buff all my buffed commanders had >210 hit rate and still some misses occurred in high dodge Wormholes.
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    Stoped at 14 th i am ok with gold chips
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