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Thread: Galactic Chairmen Guide :: CCC Analysis :: March 2017 Level 100-110 (iOS)

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    Galactic Chairmen Guide :: CCC Analysis :: March 2017 Level 100-110 (iOS)

    Cross Cosmos Competition March 2017 iOS Level 100-110 Review

    Another review arrived. Also a new star was born and needs to prove himself in the battlefield - Sturdy.

    On iOS district 32 different super rare SS and Dark SS commanders were sent to the battlefields + the Dark Flagship and normal Flagship.

    Regular Commander Usage Analysis

    Star Lord continue to be the most used commander. Fearsome Devil, Raksha and Stratus are inseparable. Azrael is somehow forgotten behind. The new commander Sturdy is not very used probably because he was too expensive at the start. Fitzerald, Louise doesn't seem very appealing too and are being less used then before.
    We can also see that Dark Flagships is preferred in 65% of the battles.
    Also we saw some different players using old SS commanders due to the event now where you can get SS commanders from the portal.

    Towards the final the number of regular commanders in the fleet slowly decreases.
    a1ex again managed to take first place. It seems the more SS commanders you have and shoot first - then you will probably win.
    Due to the use of Raksha the battles were prolonged a little.
    Like last month, this month too we had SS battle for the final. From all the normal commanders again only Stratus (32 wins vs 31 loses) had positive balance between win and lose. Not much to say here as SS commanders rule this event.
    Even with so many SS commanders, the winner had to use Raksha - the best protector so far. Also SS Bard is being preferred as the killer most of the times. The final match ended in 3:0 result where shooting first played big part.
    The interesting thing was at the semi-final match between a1ex and AVM1977 again as last time. AVM1977 managed to get two wins thanks to his new SS addition Illusion Spirit and some very clever formations.

    First Strike-Win Analysis

    First-strike win is enormous again - the players with the faster teams have a comparably very high success rate probably due to the higher level each had because not all were lvl100 as some reached as far as lvl110.
    Slowly the second shooters start to catch again but the road is long until they get to compete with the first shooters. 1% change since last month in favor of the second shooters.

    Featured Analysis - First Striker Choices

    Nothing has changed here too. The most frequent regular first striker is the best protector so far Raksha(because he makes everybody invisible and can survive almost all special attacks) when shooting first. When SS Bard made critical attack on Raksha, he managed to kill it with one shot. Star Lord is also very used as first shooter and he loses very rarely. When you shoot second - there is not much difference who you use as most of the time you lose. Louise is very good for second shooter.
    Raksha again as first shooter is the way to go in this event as he won almost all of his battles.


    Only one representative from WAR managed to make top32, but he lost early. Nothing really that interesting for event controlled by first shooters and SS commanders.

    Appendix A - Position Usage Distribution

    We have change in position usage this month. Position usage shows position 8 is not favored by the players this time. Position 1, 2 and 4 is almost the same as Position 8.
    Position 9, 7 and 5 in that order are the most used ones and very close to each other as they were last month again. The next batch of Positions are 3, 6 in that order.
    The percentage of usage for positions are close to each other so we saw very different formations.

    Appendix B - Raw Data

    Google sheet: Raw Data

    Youtube videos of all level 100 battles:
    Last 32 left branch:
    Last 32 right branch:
    Last 16:
    Quarter finals, semifinals and final:

    Appendix C - Previous Wrap-Ups
    Sep 2016 Level 100 (iOS)
    Oct 2016 Level 100 (iOS)
    Nov 2016 Level 100 (iOS)
    Dec 2016 Level 100 (iOS)
    Jan 2017 Level 100-110 (iOS)
    Feb 2017 Level 100-110 (iOS)
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    Nice work.

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    Thanks for the info.
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