Greetings! In order to provide you with a better gaming experience, we have optimized the selection and usage for some items in version 1.8.4. It's now more convenient for you to select and use certain items!

Optimization Details:
1. Equipment Interference Interface:
When interference items are available, players can now tap the interference items to use it and increase it's success rate. This includes: Lv1, Lv2, and Lv3 Magnetic Interference, Power Amplifier and Hyper Magnetic Interference.

2. Armor Reshape Interface:
Players can now choose to spend Credits or use available Armor Reshape Evolvers to immediately complete Armor Reshapement, directly from the Armor Reshape interface.

3. Optimization of Black Market Coupon:
In the Black Market, players can tap the items and choose whether or not to use a discount coupon and select which available discount coupon you want to use. After that, players can purchase the corresponding items directly with the discount.

If you encounter any in-game problems, please contact Customer Service. We will do our best to solve any issues that you may encounter!

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