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Thread: [FAQ] How to Contact tap4fun Customer Service as a Player (New Interface)?

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    Lightbulb [FAQ] How to Contact tap4fun Customer Service as a Player (New Interface)?

    Nobody is perfect and so every now and then you may discover suspicious game behaviour probably because of a bug in the game. If you think you encountered a bug first try to document that (photo, screenshot), then report it!

    The report procedure is described here:

    1. Go to your settings tab inside the game and open "CONTACT":


    2. Open "Support":

    3. A separate help interface opens. You can browse the topics here but in case of an unknown issue or a bug click/tap on the search icon:

    4. Scroll down and open "CONTACT US" (Note: VIP0 players have to follow instead the steps described here before continuing with step 5.):

    5. This starts a "New Conversation":

    6. Enter topic, your name and your e-mail address and then press the arrow icon on upper right side:

    Now you have filed an incident.
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