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Thread: TS-4 module chips when sold is cannot be repurchased

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    TS-4 module chips when sold is cannot be repurchased

    Please don't test this.

    Having a full set of TS-4 modules, and needing some space in the my inventory, i sold my extra TS-4 module chips and after that found that i could in repurchase them back from the Repurchase section, even though other items that i sold could be repurchase back.

    Please don't test this.

    Not sure if this is a bug or by design.
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    I cannot repurchase anything even if it is displayed in repurchase items. After I click an item there the repurchase list gets empty and after reopening the repurchase list the tapped item is missing and it is neither in my regular inventory again.
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    It is a bug. One is still able to repurchase everything. Last sold item will be repurchased last, no matter what item you will actually tap in repurchase interface. Just make sure you have enough inventory space, cubits and patience and you will be able to buy back all the stuff available in repurchase interface
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