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Thread: Order of Battle Events

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    Order of Battle Events

    Maybe there is a thread devoted to this already, but I've failed to find it. I'm trying to discover the order of battle events between commanders, especially related to Primus. So far I've figured this much out.

    1. Stun occurs before Primus block. (Flagship still stuns Primus even if blocked).

    2. Primus Block occurs before commanders disappear (if a commander such as Alfred is blocked, they die, even if they disappear.

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    here's a good read about Primus:

    in general, a commander's turn looks like this
    1) Expire any expiring effects
    2) Update any relevant counters (shield duration, invisibility duration, etc).
    3) Am I locked/frozen? If yes, I'm done
    4) Do I have an opponent to attack? If no, I'm done
    5) Can I invoke my Lieutenant's ability?
    6) Can I fire S-ATK? If yes, invoke any pre-attack S-ATK skills (e.g. Sky Mightlis / Starlord accumulator plunder)
    7) Calculate Hit/Miss for targeted ship(s)
    8) Calculate block/no block for Hit ship(s)
    9) Calculate damage to Hit ship(s)
    10) If blocked, determine if there is a counterattack and the corresponding damage I receive
    11) If reflect damage, determine the amount taken
    12) If S-ATK, apply relevant post-SATK effects to their respective targets.
    13) I'm done
    time's up.

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