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Thread: A Small guide to Second Shooting fleets.

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    A Small guide to Second Shooting fleets.

    For a long time now I am one of the few players who prefer running a second shoot fleet, so I thought to share this experience with anyone interested.

    Why run a second shooting fleet?

    The shortest answer is ... because it's cheaper. Basically this is it's greatest advantage, you don't need to always chase the latest Meteor Galactonite or the latest commander that would bring some speed bonus needed to shoot first (for example the red commanders are way faster then previous commanders, so for someone who wants to shoot first they are a must).
    Another reason for running a second shooting fleet is that you will basically have just one strategy and you can optimise better this strategy. No matter how fast your fleet is, there's almost always someone faster and when you meet them you need to change the strategy to face these new challenges. With second shooting fleets you no longer have this problem, you know most of the time you will be shooting second so that is the strategy you need to refine. This is even more obvious now that everyone is leveling up and often you are faced with higher level opponents, thus shooting second.
    Another reason is Pandora ... in Pandora most of the time you will have at least 1-2 missing ships, so if you want to make the most of this event, you need a way that your fleet can take opponents out even in this situation, so you are actually in a second shooting position.

    Ok, Ok, it can't all be roses and daises, so what are the problems with second shooting fleets and why doesn't everyone run one if it's all that great?

    Well it's obvious not an answer to all strategy and in fact it's not the easiest strategy to pull off. Also another disadvantage is that an equally powerful enemy (and I am not talking about force) who shoots first will have a big advantage and will win a lot more over you. On top of that there are some commanders that simply don't go to well with this strategy, so if you want to use those commanders then you can't do it to their full potential.

    Nice, we know the pros and cons, so what is the actual strategy?

    The most important aspect of this strategy is actually defence and having a fleet of commanders that can withstand a blow and live to tell a story.
    Another important aspect of it are the upgrades, since your commanders have to withstand the first enemy hit, they have to work well both together but also independently if one or several of them die. You can't put all the eggs in one basket either, or you risk having your one powerful commander be hit and gone before it can actually do it's job.
    So to sum it up: good selection of commanders and upgrading the right way.

    Let's talk about upgrades first

    When it comes to upgrades, now that most of the players have the tech full, it's all about augmentation levels, galactonite stones and aerosiderite upgrades.

    Augmentation leves: because we don't have unlimited resources, choosing the commander to augment is very important. I would say that basically having Krill +7 is a must if you want to pull it off, almost no way around it and it should in fact be the first one augmented to +7.
    After that, having as many resilient commanders at +7 as possible is very important, except FS. The cost of FS to +7 is too high, so leaving it at +6 is a good choice while concentrating on other ships.
    After all these ships are at +7, you need to chose wisely which one to upgrade further. I would say the best one would be a resilient ship with high gains on augmentation levels and which has a very good support skill, so that you are not risking the situation where you upgraded the wrong ship and you have to revert it afterwards.

    Galactnite stones: here the things are simple enough, since you don't need to worry about meteors, you have one free slot. Fill it with something defensive. Also upgrade the stones so that you gain as many bonuses as possible for them being upgraded.

    Aerosiderite: here things are again straight forward. First make sure that all ships are to a level where they aren't paper. After this step, depending on your daily gain, simply concentrate on your 2-3 best ships.

    So how about commanders?

    Good commanders: As mentioned earlier the best commanders for this are those who resist well and are able to change a fight but also be independent enough so that they can do their job even after part of your fleet is gone.

    The recommended commanders are:
    Star Lord - very good resistance due to high block, good support, high damage and awesome support. this is a good candidate for upgrading further than +7
    Azrael - he can change the fate of a battle by itself. Also has a very good resistance so it will not die easy when hit.
    Ursa - awesome resistance and incredible offensive power once activated. Basically the thing that makes Ursa awesome in this strategy is it's 30% s-atk damage reduction on top of it's insane block.
    Maggie - has a good resistance with her high dodge and also if the s-atk lands, it will protect the fleet from two rounds of devastation
    Louise - the fleet shield paired with the accumulator gain makes her very good in this strategy, especially if the enemy runs Star Lord or Ursa.
    Alfred - he is one high dodge commander that also can punch a heavy blow to enemy fleets.
    Cryptor - his heavy block can make him very good at protecting the rest of your fleet with shield because of the counter/blocks.

    Decent commanders for the strategy:
    Stratus - he is not put in the recommended commanders simply because he lacks heavy resistance and you need to invest a lot in it to make it resilient enough for this strategy. Now that better alternatives exist (Azrael) he is good, but not a must.
    Dor - he is good if you want to "Kit block" your enemy Rashka. Good resistance but lacking a little bit on the offensive part.
    Retrobot - high dodge makes him annoying, on the other hand nowadays SL does it's job better in disrupting enemy accumulator.
    Anatoli - his shield can help a lot with resistance but he isn't that powerful now with the increasing offensive powers given by the level ups.

    Not recommended:
    Fearsom Devil - while FD is very powerful as a commander, in second shooting fleets he would most of the time not have the chance to shoot at all his s-atk. So basically you would be using an enemy blocker. If you want that, cheaper alternatives exist. Otherwise he can be dealt with by your other commanders directly, commanders that would be useful in any situation.
    Rashka - while this is an awesome commander and the most powerful defender, I believe that as more and more people will take him, Kit will once again be used by the opening ships in first shoot fleets(just like when Akhenaton was very powerful). This would negate your own Rashka in the medium-long term so it is not recommended in this strategy.

    In the end I will let you enjoy a video showing such a fleet in action (the videos are over the last few months showing how various ships can help win): (this was won only because of Maggie)

    I hope you enjoy this guide and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them.
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    l actually like Dor+7 very much, he has better defence then Maggie & raksha in my team. Also he can kill most of the commanders but position is very important, i use him behind raksha as second shooter. FD is not a treat any more, Most of the time FD cant kill raksha, if he is too strong and kills raksha on first shot , my Dor kills him. İf F D kills both raksha & dor, game is over but he must be 150 mil force higher and ts4 module equipted.
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    When checking the first battle video in which you indicate Maggie, I would deem since Ursa is killing the opponents commanders one by one that Ursa is the key to winning the battle.
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    should have put some pictures. i like watching pictures thanks for the guide
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    Thanks for the guide Bogdan ... as i dont look forward to spend credits on buying R7 meteors yet (maybe after reaching level 110) and i dont have a full set of R6 meteors i expect to shoot second most of the times... so it's good to see that even with 2nd shot i might have lets say 40% of winning chance with the right commanders and well pimped... cheers
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    Quote Originally Posted by JLeroux View Post
    When checking the first battle video in which you indicate Maggie, I would deem since Ursa is killing the opponents commanders one by one that Ursa is the key to winning the battle.
    Doctor's Dark Maximillian is at +15 ... so normally he would have killed Stratus + whatever was behind it + another ship from the extra bonus damage so basically 2-3 ships gone and Ursa wouldn't have been able to do anything about it.
    Notice actually how little damage it takes from Stratus special attack hits, so Stratus lock wouldn't have helped instead. Azrael cursing it woudn't have helped either since he is killed only 3rd round after he shoots. This is why I indicated Maggie as actually winning the game ... it made that D. Max waste it's first s-atk and thus saving 3 of my ships that round.
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    Many times i put the fs to take first shot then i have 4 commanders left, but even if i dont do this i can defeat anyone from my server, sometimes on first try....
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    Now after everyone is getting SS commanders, Meteors are less important than before ... so this will need an update after the event is over and things are being set.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bogdan View Post
    Now after everyone is getting SS commanders, Meteors are less important than before ... so this will need an update after the event is over and things are being set.
    This topic isn't about second shoot... It's about ursa combo but it's still interesting.

    Most players received dark SS or bad gold SS like carter so the average speed hasn't changed. I'm not sure I would have changed my fleet even with gold SS Razz or Hartmann...
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    Hartmann, Dark or SS, is good for dealing with Rakhsa, Sturdy, Louise, StarLord, Ursa

    Carter is for Primus

    I used Dark Hartmann in my regular formation to deal with Rakhsa & Ursa
    I'm not strong enough to pick a fight with Sturdy & Louise.
    Haven't met any StarLord yet

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