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Thread: Commander Focus #25: Raksha

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    Зачётный ком.мне не хватает его для счастья,к сожалению играю без доната,по этому мне не видать его как своих ушей ...
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    Крутой ком

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    did anyone get Rashka this time yet? just wondering what the current cost is for 2 chips

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    Not good for level 89

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    Хороший командир, но кредитов мало( Дайте мне его бесплатно)
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    Взял бы из-за скорости и блок-уворота, но если, а ето в большинстве случаев у меня второй ход его блочит лейтенант и все...)
    Так же ему не долго осталось)
    Ну и на примуса он хорош

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    Raksha is a good maharaga.

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    Actually, isn't that bad. A great upgrade to Geoffrey but he has to fire 1st or else. So I pushed Stratus +6 to the next row so Raksha can shoot 1st and hide Stratus, who might last long enough to see Alfred's special take effect. I kept Krill +7 on Stratus and put Acctan +4 on Rak, which actually works well. I'd put Krill on Rak but then Stratus is left with no one.

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    Hmmm....I decided to read the thread again and it seems people love Rak w/Krill +7. If I do that, what do I pair Stratus with? I have Kit on FD +7, Mileena on FS, Acctan on Rak, and Elsa on Alfred. I don't have Jackie yet, and all that is left for Stratus is Paccar, Pele, and that's it. All the others are no good. I could take Kit off FD and put him on Stratus and then put Trickster on FD. Any ideas?

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    [QUOTE=Anakin;41280]Hello, Commanders.

    In last CCC fristert (played by me ) and Genesis (the Korean with SS commander Raiser) showed the world how powerfull Raksha is, so I believe you have a great example about that.

    Anakin, you really play fristert, or just kidding
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