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Thread: Are Geoffrey's and Anatoli's shields Obselete after Level 90?

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    Are Geoffrey's and Anatoli's shields Obselete after Level 90?

    I noticed that some level 90+ players can take down my Anatoli's sheild in a couple of hits. He is still useful for 100% critical.

    My question is how obselete do Geoffrey's and Anatoli's shields become as you get higher to Level 100? Is anyone around this level using these commanders?

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    İt is not about lvl. İ have met at gl and pandora full set of ts4 module exploiters and imposible to break the shield.
    İt is all about how good your hd-tech, galas,modules etc.

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    Also depends on how many multiple hits on Anatoli's shield, as Anatoli's shield is a fleet shield, all damage on commanders count as damage to reduce and remove the shield
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    at level 100+ are uselles but below 95 are good shields
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    From my perspective it depends on how you play. If you want to run with the big boys who spend huge sums of money, then they quickly become obsolete. If you play like me with lots of patience waiting for good commanders to fall, then they will serve you a while yet.

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