Module Wormhole 2017-02-02 (2 days)

Lost first shot at wave 7
Dodgy opponents become a problem from wave 10 onwards.

First death at wave 11.

Switched in Roxy for Anatoli, to increase hit rate (you can use Dor too) and found that normal attack by Roxy does -23 damage for normal attack because she is not upgraded with Dark Aerosiderites

2 paid revives (200 credits each) to pass wave 13 for the first TS-4 module chip.

Spent another 800 credits to finish to wave 14.

And another 200 credits to finish wave 15 for the next 2 TS-4 module chips.

Most tough opponent is Cryptor which due to high misses meant he could keep on charging up accumulator and put Stasis shield (very big problem for me in Wave 14)

Reset costs 4000 credits.

Fleet used FD, Ursa, Retrobot/Roxy/Anatoli, Flagship

Note: please don't wait for accumulator or formation photos - even though I took most screen shots.