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Thread: What to buy next ? Azrael or Star Lord ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by z3nithor View Post
    Azrael was 60k in the previous event as well
    It was more close to 70k (35k each)
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    Azrael i think its better for you
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    Azrael hasn't really dropped that much, he is still pricey, unlike Geoffrey and other S4 who have really reduced in price, even Anatoli.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stayko Staykov View Post
    Since i already have Armoray+6, i am not sure Fitzgerald will be a big upgrade to my fleet compared to swapping Sirenne for Azrael or Star Lord.
    Take it from me, i was running Armoray+6 before as well, and i doubted if the change would be worth it, well believe me if i say the change to Fitzgerald was a big change, i don't regret that change.

    I also ran Geoffrey+7, i just benched him in favour of Azrael, this one is a far better help in every wormhole.
    Also MC and true damage rendered Geoffrey obsolete imo
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    i would say Starlord. He is coming this week again.
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    I would say Azrael. Just because SL is bugged. and I lost many fights with Azrael cursing me and he is also stopping Lt. from activating - lt. like Krill
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    I also vote for Azrael. SL just delay enemies satk for one round, Azrael in case of curse turns enemies ship into nothing with no chance to survive this curse
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    There are too many Azraels, so I am going for SL just to be a different ..
    there are pros/cons, I am hoping for better synergy with Ursa ...
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    I got the same Problem Azrael or Star Lord. So I decide it this way...I go with Star Lord! Simple and easy because I play, in the Future, with a non Destroyer Fleet and my first shot should be SL or Azrael then. The Main Reason i choose SL is that his skill is 100% if you hits and his Hit Rate Basic is higher then Azrael. It would be a Fatal opening turn if Azrael did not Hit or his skill does not work because his "only" 70% chance of activate his skill if he Hits. When I start the non Destroyer 2017 thread i was not sure if SL will come back at Tresore or Galaxy Portal events. But now we know he is still available at the Future. So I go first with the Frog and swap him with Ince then I try to get Azrael too and swap him with Aquos. I never think about swaping Aquos because he is so many times the Match winner! It's so awesome to see him copy Raksha FD and evven Golden or Dark SS Commamders ect. It's still not calculated what happens but in 8 of 10 cases he copies for my win! But times will come he must go for Azrael then..
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