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Thread: Forest of Steller Foundation - Experiences Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by anhtbxn View Post
    You cannot see players that you plundered, probably to prevent picking on them. You can only see players that invaded you (successful or not).

    To Gaz Wick:

    If you can consistently bring home 720 planets, why don't you just stick to it bro? That's 3600 DAs a day and even if you get smashed once, still 3K+

    You risk a lot more at your force/level because you cannot defend the higher planets and just relying on "luck" that no one is going to attack you. I wouldn't gamble, take the sure money.

    Most players won't invade the 720 because 720 planets plundered at full battle value would be less than the "Rich" Planet (1000 DA). And if you can't hold the 720 as often as you thought, do 560, 500. 2.5K+ DA guaranteed.

    Just my thoughts
    Yes I think you're right. I'll keep to the smaller yielding planets, at least that's an income, but i just can't resist it though, juicy planet going empty, got to have it.

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    I'm a fearful invader of 1200, 1300, and 1500. I say fearful because I will calculate how many DA you should have for the time remaining, and if it shows any battle income, I pick a new target If you don't think you can win when invading others' planets, then I think I can probably beat your fleet and take your planet

    I will also happily revenge attack those that failed to successfully invade me, if they're on Iron Eagle or Yggdrasil (can't tell which Atacama is being occupied from radar, and a blowout defensive win might mean they limped onto the 640/hr one).

    Thanks to work, I mine before/just after reset, then wait for morning & Primus. My server is done within 10 minutes (3 Ursa players), and most of the planets who started mining before 14:30 UTC are in Primus formation, which makes for ripe pickings. Some days I do have to "pirate" (invade->evacuate->invade) lest I "waste" one of the daily free tries.

    PS: Don't let your ripe planet carry over across reset. You will get invaded by monster fleets. If you can't start your final mine before 23:00, then first thing you do after reset is evacuate early (and plunder someone who didn't do that ). You don't lose any Battle Supply as long as you use 1 in the first half hour, but you will absolutely lose out on Aeros if you aren't proactive.
    time's up.

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    I would say you are a very smart invader z3nithor rather than fearful :-)

    But you need a solid strong fleet to invade, otherwise you have to stick with smaller planets.
    As usual don't mess with the big sharks if you are a small fish!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nachteule View Post
    Let's discuss FoST experiences!

    1. FoST is - like most Galaxy Legend features - easier to play the more strength you have. Additionally the more strong you are the better planets you can mine and therefore powerful players develop faster than of less strong players.

    2. The difficulty of occupying a planet is related also to the hour of the day. I observed increased activity (resulting in more occupy fails and invasions) right after reset, in the morning (Russia awakes ), during Pandora events and after Primus.

    3. The overall result is better if you play badass mode - means you invade planets mostly harvested - and focus on a planet class that guarantee a high (near 100%) success rate.

    E. g. One can attack Atacama and Iron Eagle planets with rare fails and harvest on average 1700 DAs each time (= 8.5k DAs per day) or one can attack Yggdrasil planets and fail 1 out of 5 which gives 4 x 2.2 k DAs and costs 700 for one fail (= 8.1k DAs per day).

    4. Prepare your fleet for counter attacks! After invading a player of similar strength successfully you often encounter a revenge invasion. Prepare for such counter attacks by figuring out how you would fight your own fleet and formation with the opponent's fleet and then setup a formation to foil this plan!

    - Successful invasion
    - Successful defense thanks to formation adjustment

    I recommend to check the radar after defeating an opponent of similar or equal strength. If he/she selected another planet for harvesting which is shown in the radar then you are save from him/her. If not watch your log closely and adjust formation after each foiled invasion attempt!

    So what are your experiences?
    I only attack the planets with 1k darks . hour.
    Best Regards,

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    Fyi, the KING'S HEART is open.
    Starts from 1875 DA for the first slot.
    Gained 20+ millions.
    Completed 8 circles, 8\10 on the 9th circle.

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    Thanks for starting this discussion Nachteule, and my strategy is typically to check in my morning what is going on and I typically start out to invade a 1000 planet which is almost running out of time as those invasions are normally 99% successful with my fleet. After that I see and go for the 1200 / 1300 that might be free or where it is a game to try and invade. The counter action to get re-invaded I had only once and the person had to try 2 times before being successful meaning yes I lost DA but he lost 1 extra turn which I find stupid somehow. Anyhow as the time goes on in the day, it does work better to hold bigger planets from being invaded.
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    I like to get planets I am sure to hold/invade too .... getting close to 100% of something is better than failing on more appealing planets.
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    My experience is run away from russain flag, 90% times i lost on 1000+ planets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbehen View Post
    My experience is run away from russain flag, 90% times i lost on 1000+ planets.
    I do exactly the opposite ... 90% of the time I invade Russian flag, there are so many Russian players that overestimate their fleets that it's the easiest thing to plunder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bogdan View Post
    I do exactly the opposite ... 90% of the time I invade Russian flag, there are so many Russian players that overestimate their fleets that it's the easiest thing to plunder.
    Yes, Russian flags are mostly an auto-win on my preferred categories.
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