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Thread: Galactonite Wormhole (2017-01-31) 2 days

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    Galactonite Wormhole (2017-01-31) 2 days

    Galactonite Wormhole (2017-01-31) 2 days

    Loose first shot at wave 6
    About wave 10/11 FD +8 can't one shot kill.
    First death at wave 12

    Rewards with Galactonite energy is at waves 13 & 15 for 50K & 100K galactonite energy respectively.

    Rush reset is 4000 credits. Not worth it for so little galactonite energy. Earlier waves give you galaxy cubes and R6 nuclear

    Fleet in FD +8, Anatoli +5, Ursa +7, Retrobot +6, Flagship +5. Force level about 560K with Prince I buff

    Formation and accumulator status over at Facebook album
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