1. Server list read failed/ Cannot connect to the server.


Generally, this problem is caused by poor network. Please check your network or switch Wifi to 3G/4G and 3G/4G to WiFi and have a try.

2. User center account binding failed.


This may be caused by a recent change of password. Please click on account in the login interface—Edit—Logout, and login with your correct password.

3. The role information does not match tap4fun account/ progress bar gets stuck at the end when logging in


Please send an email to our customer service team with your correct username and server. We will help you with that.

4. The UDID is inconsistent with the registered information

If you updated the game device or did something else, your UDID may have changed. Usually this happens in the guest account which is bound to this device. Please send an email to our customer service team with your account information if you encounter this problem. We also suggest that you please bind your account to an email account or FB to avoid such a problem if you haven’t already.

5. Encounter all kinds of error code during updating

Internet connection or other issues may mean that parts of some files may not download properly. We suggest you check or switch the internet and re-update the game. If this still doesn’t work, please go to the apple store or google play to download the latest client.

Notes: 1. Please don’t post your account information in the new forum.
2. Please do remember your account and password before you delete the game.