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Thread: Question about Ursa

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    Question about Ursa

    Do you guys think Ursa is the best replacement replacement for Cabal ?
    My current fleet is Azrael, Stratus, Incendos and Cabal.
    Should I go and buy him or save my credits for another commander?

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    Yes absolutely good replacement, i did the same with a weaker fleet and switched Ursa for Cabal and never regretted it. If you are looking for a backup beast who could destroy entire fleets he is the best. But there are also other strong options around with Fitz, FD, Raksha.

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    Thank you for reply.
    I am looking for a commander that can be useful in a fleet with low speed.
    I am shooting second in most of the battles, so I don't think Raksha will help too much because his skill can be blocked by Kit. FD is of course the best destroyer at the moment in the game but I don't think I can use 2 destroyers in my fleet and, also with the second shoot, his skill can be blocked by Jackie.

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    as a second shot guy yes he can be useful. but as i just got him and put him up to +7 n halfway thru warrior in MC i feel he isnt pulling his weight as positioning is very important with him. but if he works he his wonderful (not often though, unless u change formation to meet every single threat. quite tiring in pandora lots of monitoring to do).

    overall feel: quite underwhelming unless u have a minimum ts 3 ranger module boosted to purple levels and finished sage stage in MC. then i believe he can really OHKO.
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