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Thread: Looking for Suggestions for my fleet

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    Question Looking for Suggestions for my fleet

    hey all ....

    i have managed to save 60k credits. I wonder if it would be smarter to try to get 2 good commander e.g. Alfred, Maggie, Dor, Cryptor or got for a new one like Fitz or Ursa ... since i'm a low spender with here and there a month card, it takes very long to save those credits and im interested in any input ... i know Kit and Jackie are mandatory, but i have missed them, so thats another story to take care of

    I should have enough chips and cores to get one ship up to +7 ....

    My current fleet:
    Raksha+7 with Kit+4,
    GL+9 with Jackie +1
    Azrael +7 with Zaffrey+4,
    Ghost +7 with Krill +7
    FS+6 with Mileena+6

    Last edited by Havoc; October 29th, 2017 at 23:09. Reason: Update Fleet 30.10.2017
    Richard+10 with Krill+7, Nicholas+11 with Herbert+7, GL+10 with Knous+7, SL+7, Raksha+10 with Kit+4, Slade+11 with Mileena+6

    World 400 iOS

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