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Thread: Need help with formation.

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    Question Need help with formation.

    Hi all.

    My current formation :
    Dark Flagship (+8) + Meleena (+6)
    Ghost Horrock (+8) + Kit (+4)
    Raksha (+8) + Krill (+7)
    Azrael (+8) + Zaffrey (+4)
    Fearsome Devil (+7) + Jackie (+1).

    Another commanders that i have and potential candidates:
    Dor, Ursa, Hartman, Star Lord, Louise, Aquos.

    Do I need change? Who can i replace and why?
    I would appreciate any opinion.

    PS. 110 lvl 4.3 B fleet.
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    Hi Alexey,

    Your questions are very generic. It depends on your server conditions, your objectives and other conditions if you need a change. Basically Galaxy Legend is a pay-to-win game. Therefore you can always improve if you invest more or way more real money. Maybe you can let us know how your fleet performs in your daily "routine" like Arena, Galaxy League, ...

    Some general observations I can share:

    Burglar Kate is around for several month now and therefore I think you shot second most of the time. This may reduce the benefit of Raksha as he might be blocked by Kit often. If this causes you trouble I'd think about a faster Flagship.

    Horrock and Azrael share the same special but Horrock's last only one round which means you should take care that Horrock does not reduce the effect of Azrael. I would not use both but I have never tried and therefore no real experience how they work together. On the other hand you need a commander who kills the cursed targets and Horrock can be that killer.

    Dark Flagship must be difficult to use in combination with Azrael, Horrock and FD. You have to take care not to remove curses and will always remove a DEF debuff of FD unless you start with DFS. Another reason to watch out for Kate or Future as Flagship.

    Of your available commanders I'd prefer Dor over FD but I suppose then Galaxy Lord Fleets become too hard to handle because of slow speed (and this also competes with Horrock and Mileena for Ranger Chips). I used Dor for a very long time and my results have been better than with FD even after Galaxy Lord appeared but I always had a fast fleet and Raksha is then a much better protector.
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    Thanks Nachteule.
    My main objective is top 10 on my server. Now i'm 11 - 14. Some people using Caro and i'm afraid that Horrock does not have enough accuracy without Dor, whom i've been using previously before i replaced him with FD. But at the same time can't determine right sequence, since top 8 players of my server have more speed (Burglar Kate). And some of them have Galaxy Lord too.

    My sequence is:
    X - X - Horrock
    X - Raksha - X
    Azrael - DFS - FD (Dor)

    I was thinking about replacing FD with SL. since SL have more power, but he drains accum and i have Horrock for that. I could get more speed by placing Hartman insted, but he has same shitty ability to remove buffs/debuffs like DFS. and shoots horizontally which interfere with Horrock and Azrael. I just looking for better fit without spending so far.

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    I didn't always have a fastest fleet (still don't) and have relied on Raksha with Krill revive in the first round to shoot special. Often my Raksha would be damaged enough for Krill to help out because once Raksha is reverted back in the first round even if Kit disables. The effect is removed by reverting back to the beginning
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