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Thread: Trickster lieutenant skill failed in CCC

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    Trickster lieutenant skill failed in CCC

    First battle ButterNutz.s277 vs fristert.s865:

    ButterNutz FD shooting second equiped with Trickster+4 tried to kill fristert's Fitzgerald but the lieutenant skill went wrong: instead of shooting straight line in front of him FD uncovered Ursa standing behind Raksha and had a shot on the defender.

    Should be a bug as trickster has always made visible ships in front of his boss commander.

    Skill is clearly described :
    PrtScr capture_17.jpg

    Raksha hiding everyone:
    PrtScr capture_16.jpg

    FD making SATK on Raksha.
    PrtScr capture_18.jpg
    PrtScr capture_20.jpg

    You can see the battle and what happened next: Fitz destroyed 3 ButterNutz ships.
    PrtScr capture_19.jpg

    I remember very well when 197911 used trickster on his Zooey who opened the line in front oh her.
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    This is an old topic brought up here in the past. The implementation of Trickster is not like one would assume naturally.

    FIRST from the available valid targets one is targeted and
    SECOND all ships behind the chosen target are uncovered. (Which is Ursa correctly in your screenshot.)

    Example: Putting Akhenaton / Raksha in a column without other commanders behind neutralizes Trickster completely.

    This is the old thread:
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    its still a stupid description and the skill should be updated to reveal the commanders giving the player with the LT the benefit NOT the player affected.
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    I think it makes total sense case when FD with Trickster as LT fires there is only one opponent which is Raksha hence that is the straight line that will be uncovered, being Ursa. Makes total sense as you need to put it in the right context. What commander will take the hit of FD? That is Raksha as for FD there is only one opponent at that moment in time (the rest of the fleet is hidden, and is not there).
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    We (players) do not have access to the superior sensor arrays found on the NPC ships in Infinite Cosmos and Primus Invasion.

    Tap has the solution, but they (so far) have refused to use it in a way that is beneficial to players.
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    I have always thought that the LT skill description is a bit lacking. If Tap wants trickster's LT skill to remain the same, the least they can do is to make it as precise as possible. For example, " ... of any available target he strikes in a straight line"
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    All have to add is "in a straight line behind the attacked commander" to match what we are seeing now.
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    I got it, so the use of Trickster on monomer destroyers is almost useless. It makes sense when attached to Incendos or whoever with vertical attack, or if Akhenaton/Raksha don't stand on the first line.

    Anyway the skill description (and not only for lieutenants) is quite stupid or is it done intentionally ?
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    Second battle had exactly the same scenario with fristert's Fitz killing a line of three commanders and Trickster revealing Ursa behind Raksha.
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