First battle ButterNutz.s277 vs fristert.s865:

ButterNutz FD shooting second equiped with Trickster+4 tried to kill fristert's Fitzgerald but the lieutenant skill went wrong: instead of shooting straight line in front of him FD uncovered Ursa standing behind Raksha and had a shot on the defender.

Should be a bug as trickster has always made visible ships in front of his boss commander.

Skill is clearly described :
PrtScr capture_17.jpg

Raksha hiding everyone:
PrtScr capture_16.jpg

FD making SATK on Raksha.
PrtScr capture_18.jpg
PrtScr capture_20.jpg

You can see the battle and what happened next: Fitz destroyed 3 ButterNutz ships.
PrtScr capture_19.jpg

I remember very well when 197911 used trickster on his Zooey who opened the line in front oh her.