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Thread: Cannot log in. "Server list read failed"

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    Faced it again about 30min ago, this is becoming more regular... Changed to mobile network and it worked again.
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    JLeroux, is it working for you?
    for me - not i have tried over 100 times, and 2 or 3 were successful
    still unable to enter the game

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    Usually i get this message when i use low-speed or unstable connections (like 2G/EDGE/poor wifi signal/etc)
    I never got this error when i was using confirmed high speed internet connection (3G/4G/etc)
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    It's a different message when that happens.

    This one was different. It had never happened to me before. It was something wrong with the game, not my connection or the account, as I tried it in different places and with different phones at the time of this thread
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