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Thread: Commander Focus #23: Fitzgerald

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    Im getting mad... in my setup I have speed galactonites and my buddy dont and he's still the first to shoot with fitz... im fkin mad. or im the one who doesnt gets it? chinese gaym with lots of bugs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anakin View Post
    ****Read the event description in the end****

    Attachment 2342

    Hello, Commander.

    In this week handbook we are going to discuss about the first red commander released: Fitzgerald. In the end of November/2016 tap started a new generation of commander with this amazing striker.
    The same as Azrael, Fitzgerald also originally doesnít require augumentation to improve his devastating special. His special has the super offensive ability to plunder (steal and add to self) 30% of all enemiesí s-attack attribute. This applied to a very strong striker with a modifier of 132% means death to most of the commanders in the Galaxy. As an example I remember that Doctor (from IOS) told me once that his +7 Fitzgerald was able to one shot kill 197911ís +15 Valeírath when his +15 Dark Maximilian wasnít able to do the same. Even a low augumented Fitzgerald can already be able to one shot an enemy when the power gap is not super large. But it is not only his special that is attractive. He has amazing offensive attributes with a initial 30% critical and hit rate!!! He also starts with a +80 speed over the speed value of most normal commanders.
    If you think that being able to practically one hit kill most of the commanders is not that great ( ) you can add in the list that after he releases his special he recovers 75 acc!! That means that if he fires and receives at least one attack on first round he is ready to release the special again!!
    Fitzgerald is meant to be an offensive commander, although as his special plunders enemiesí satck he also helps to defend, specialty in the first round. In my case I had some battles that enemyís Fitz fired first and my FD couldnít one shot kill a commander, thatís terrible for FD. :P
    As a striker his enemy is a +3 Volkof as enemyís Lieutenant, as Volkof has a 50% chance to lock the enemyís strikers special. Although this is available also for Fitzgerald owner and itís normal to see him and Stratus together in the same team. *Iíd like to remember that for Volkof works his team needs to have 2 remaining strikers at least.*
    Well, Iíve talked a lot about how Fitzgerald can be great in your fleet, but he also can be great even if not fighting. If you have the Battle III in the League of Heroes unlocked Fitzgerald can also give you speed. For unlock this ability you need Fitzgerald + Fearsome devil and/or Fitzgerald + Azral; in both cases he will add +1150 HP and +15 speed PER SHIP in your fleet, so he adds a total of 75 speed if youíre using 5 commanders (whatís the most common).

    As in last handbook I'd like to add a video (in this week two), showing some Fitzgerald battles.

    You can also check the second video here

    Again, a great think is that we will give prizes:

    3 random participants will receive 500 credits

    best states will get in order:
    1st: 2000 credits
    2nd: 1500 credits
    3rd: 1000 credits

    To end my part Iíd like to ask your feedback about this amazing commander. Anything youíd like to add? Do you pretend to buy this amazing commander that becomes stronger according to how strong your enemy is? Come and letís discuss about him!

    See you in the Galaxy!
    That's a great video, but i think this guy dont fit on my form.
    Best Regards,

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    Player on my server got Fitz and he didn't oneshot my unbuffed FD. Ok it was not a crit but he did plunder five commanders. Player is 60M stronger than me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ASR1927 View Post
    Player on my server got Fitz and he didn't oneshot my unbuffed FD. Ok it was not a crit but he did plunder five commanders. Player is 60M stronger than me.
    ASR, one shooting now depends on many factors ... is Fritz at the same augmentation level as your FD? Second, is your FD highly augmented in the Forest and is your enemy's Fritz equally augmented? Also if both are augmented then there is a second very important factor ... do you both have the needed legendary equipment on your commanders? Because those % stats from equipment do add very much pouncing power. Last but not least ... Fritz works very well with Paccar (in fact it's the striker where Paccar works best by the nature of the skill) ... does the guy have at least Paccar +5 on his Fritz?
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