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Thread: Commander Focus #23: Fitzgerald

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    From my few direct experiences with Fitz (I try to avoid him :-)), and from what I have seen from videos I would admit, that he is a strong and deadly commander.

    Fitz reminds me a little bit to Kraing and the days where Kraing had been new and was one of my favorites as his special attack like Fitz was able to wipe out a whole row :-D

    I think he is even stronger then Kraing at that time, because with his 75 accu recover he shoots his special oftentimes every round or at least every second round. So he is able to wipe out whole fleets in a few rounds provided he survives long enough. But with a good formation it is not so difficult to protect him from damage, especially because he protects himself very well by destroying and clearing everthing in front of him ;-)

    So the biggest thread for Fitz are shooting second and get hit by deaccu otherwise he will be a great killer and major support for every fleet in my opinion. I would love to have him in my fleet.

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    Haven't really get to know him for good, since only one player owns him in our server and he isn't a top 10 player, while I generally avoid fleets with him in Galaxy League.

    But despite not being on a powerful fleet, Fitz is a killer for sure, he sometimes kills my Geoffrey with his shield up.
    And if you are frustated by your FD being blocked with Jackie, Fitz will be rarely blocked by your opponent.

    A true killer will always be useful, especially if you shoot first. The combination with FD is just devastating for your opponent. Imagine your FD who shoots first, plunders your opponents defence and then Fitz taking out ships with ease.

    A must get commander, just like all new S5 commanders. The thing is how will mix them to own a better fleet.
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    Need this Lord in my fleet.. Have the half of him need the other dna to complete him.. Tap4 will help me thr with credits? And also better chance of getting... Fingers crossed.. Signing off... Natz.S86 galaxy86 Android

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    Yes this is a great commander! I will take it myself in the Navy! I think it will replace my Stratus and always put it in the first position, because it would weaken the enemy attack and destroy an entire enemy line. I will only finish off the remnants of the enemy fleet and to increase the speed of this is that sometimes I do not have enough for the win !!!
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    I believe Fitz is an underused commander because a lot of players have already invested cores into Stratus. If you could revert commanders without the loss of cores, you might see more Fitz around. Also, the current meta seems to favor commanders with both defensive/offensive capabilities.

    With the plundering of SATK, he has the capability to OHKO a lot of commanders on the same/similar level. Fitz vertical attack also helps you take out commanders in the back row, which are hiding behind a tanky commander. With the +75 accum that Fitz gains each round, he could be devastating if left alone.

    The extra +50 speed on Fitz is a bonus VS an opponent fleet running Stratus If your fleet is not running Stratus, I would pick Fitz over Stratus.
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    Ком, обалденный, все у него хорошо, вот только бы аккумулятор ему сделать 100 после С-Атаки и было бы вообще супер) я бы с радостью взял его под своё крыло)

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    As being said that many players have invested a lot of cores on Stratus. a +10 Stratus can still go even with a +10 Fitz, not to mention these 2 are really deadly commanders. Stratus provides a lot of support and disability, meaning enemy loses a turn of firing, meaning the next ship can fire after stratus immediately. For Fitz, the disadvantages, as also stated in the video is that if you kill some front liner ships, there is always another backed up ships that can fire 2nd/third or maybe even a ship that suppose to fire 4th is allowed to fire first, because the first 3 ships died from Fitz's shot. Having Fitz, expect to blow up ships and also getting blown up.

    Fitz is really reliant on speed, like many commanders, but he has to fire first most of the time as he needs the 30%x5 s-atk from the enemy ships. He is even more capable if he teams up with 1/2 tankers. FD isn't a reliable tanker as there is always a jackie. Starlord /Ursa or maybe even Antanoi fit the tanking role better. Fitz is really vulnerable to attacks, as he is super squishy too. Fitz is one of those commanders, who can survive without supports. some killers require support assistance because they do not have enough damage.

    The positioning of this commander is also needed as it can be unlucky, that Fitz's first shot is wasted on a regular Flagship. Fitz is like a cheap SS commander, compatible with Segal/Razz/Maximilian, but slightly weaker still.

    Is he a good replacement for Stratus/Armoray/Ivan?
    In my personal opinion, yes. To replace Stratus, it is sort of painful, as so much support and assistance are gone. So when replacing Stratus, support commanders like Dor/Antanoi/Maggie/Azreal, at least one of them has to be there. With Ivan or Armoray, it is simply not a question. They only provide pure damage. Still, they are deadly, to one shot, they are reliant on supports, that boost crit or hit. Unlike Fitz, once again just wipe out the entire row.

    Penetration seems to be the best stat on Fitz imo. You wouldn't want to get block by an unbuffed Ursa/Star lord/Alfred. Cryptor won't be able to survive anyways, he has 0% base anticrit. With nice block, you won't be able to die from a single shot from fitz, not to mention krill will somehow be on one of those commander and tada full hp.
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    You all are making me eat my former words and I need to decide tomarrow if I should get him.

    I don’t need him for speed but I want to know how he does against Fearsome Devil whom has just plundered my whole fleets attributes? One shot kill?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben42 View Post
    You all are making me eat my former words and I need to decide tomarrow if I should get him.

    I don’t need him for speed but I want to know how he does against Fearsome Devil whom has just plundered my whole fleets attributes? One shot kill?
    Perhaps, dependent on your opponent's fleet.

    Quote Originally Posted by z3nithor View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Hernan D View Post
    I think you are underestimating Fitz. He has very high base stats.

    He takes 30% of every ships SATK and then fires. Meaning his first SATK does 132% + 30% of the enemies 5 ships. Every ship has a different SATK number but for simplicity purposes I would say he does about 280% SATK. Vertical. And with 75 acc, means he fires it at least once every 2 shots
    That's not how the attributes add, but I admit, T4F makes the calculation messy for us because it's different for every ship in the fleet.

    RJ powers up his baseline, rather than increasing his multipliers. This is FANTASTIC.

    Damage Dealt ~
    1.32*(accumulator/100)*[RJ_ATK + RJ_SATK - target_DEF - target_SDEF + 0.3*(sum(opponents_SATK))]

    Example calc:
    Most 500m force players have commanders with average ~1m or higher S-ATK, and def & sdef values in the 750k ballpark. MC upgrades will skew this, but not much.

    So with 5 opponents left, assuming a "screw the rules, plunder all opponents and not just my targets" coding (a la FD), RJ gains 5*1m*0.3 or 1.5m S-ATK, in addition to his own, which is probably going to be elevated a bit, and around 1.2m.

    The damage dealt to the opponent is given by (ignoring dmgUp/dmgDown, etc)
    1.32*(1, minimum)*[~1.2m + ~1.2m + 1.5m - 750k - 750k] = 1.32*(1, min) * (2.4m) ~~ 3.2m
    Assuming 280% as the modifier predicts only 2.8 * (1,min) * (1.2*2 - 1.5) ~~ 2.5m.
    3.2m damage (non-crit) with 100 accumulator is easily 75% or more of your opponent's HP. Without shields or HP gains from MC, a non-crit hit with bonus accumulator (rather than just 100) is going to result in one-shotting your targets.

    What about FD?
    At +7 FD will take 25% of the opponents' DEF, SDEF, and EDEF values, approximately 187k DEF/SDEF per commander.
    750k + 750k + 5*(187k + 187k) is about 2.4m, so for a RJ fleet vs 5x buffed +7 FD with full fleet of teammates:
    S-ATK damage = 1.2m + 1.2m - 2.4m + 1.5m -> 1.5m .
    In other words, for 5 v 5, RJ's damage to buffed FD is going to be essentially only based on the plundered S-ATK he gained. Multiply this by your accumulator (1.1-1.2) and the S-ATK mod (1.32), and you're looking at about 25-50% HP damage to the opponent FD. With a crit hit, maybe... MAYYYBE.... MAAAAAAAYBE you can one-shot.

    So in summary:
    RJ will wreck 80% of the average strong player's ships on his opening S-ATK. Buffed FD will live through a non-crit hit, but will actually take non-negligible damage. The only other ships that can scratch a fully buffed FD are those with holy damage (Gambit, Roxy, Vladimir) or True Damage upgrades. Ursa can't top FD's buffed defense until 1-2 of your teammates have fallen.

    Why pick RJ over Stratus if you have neither? Who cares about lock+defDown when you destroyed the ship?
    Why pick Stratus over RJ if you have neither? Cheaper, cross pattern, plays well in face of overwhelming shields. If RJ doesn't kill, then Stratus would have been better.

    Bonus thoughts:
    • If your opponent is packing lv2 S-ATK paint, they better have brought lv2 SDEF & DEF to the party or they're going down
    • Paccar on your opponents team is great for you, whether he's in the fleet (free 30% boost to RJ's S-ATK if the timing is right) or as Lt (oh, that Striker with good offensive characteristics now has more S-ATK for me to steal? you don't say? )
    • High-augment opponents are a-ok, as they have nice high S-ATK for you to plunder. Just hope you can grit out the opening volley, and you'll pay back dividends
    • Bring the block & dodge stones. A striker with 10% base block and dodge means with the right Lt in your fleet (kit, acctan) and appropriate TS-x2 boosts, you can have 50+ % block rate if your gala is well-suited.
    • High MC on your opponent will result in less damage done, as 0.3*MC_SATK < MC_DEF+MC_SDEF.
    time's up.

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    Great Review Anakin,

    yes again speed is key here and as always position and placement matter. Who can always invest in new commanders will have the edge as TAP must eran money, so trust me next striker will be again better as RJ ..

    Indeed there are many Stratus +7 as he offers more than pure fire power. Both are great commanders, but should people rush to buy RJ? Nope ...

    One player on our server got him after release and RJ is deadly but one can also dodge the bullets as my Sirenne does against him... I do not consider him as must have, sure RJ will not be blocked easily - and if he is fast not killed/kripled/locked by oponents also do some devastating damage .. but he is weak in defence as all striker are that is his Achiles heal ...

    so as always game is too situational, depending on so many conditions what if... so just stay calm and not rush for shopping and supporting sales of T4F, because thsy care too litle about their customers, just about sales.. dont get tricked!
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    No longer playing GL ...

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