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Thread: Module Adjustment

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Dough View Post
    I got to the purple level in the main attribute but for a long time I can't break the grey/green level for the secondary attributes.
    for example even if I go down from purple to grey in the main attribute, secondary attributes remain grey/green...
    There is a distribution of results. As your module improves (read: gets adjusted / gets new colors), the distribution of adjustment results improves. At very high levels it will frequently yield good attributes without locking. Until your module is extremely high value, you will often get multiple grey in your adjustments.

    The TS-42 i got via black market yesterday increases by 1 TBC redeem value every ~15 adjustments, and is still exclusively grey attributes right now. It will likely require another 2/3/4 hundred adjustments and mini-upgrades to reliably obtain blues.

    Best thing we can all do is to submit our adjustments via the link, and develop the pool of data.
    time's up.

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    I got my ts-43 a few days ago.
    After the use of 385 TBCs and 25 free upgrades i got the first green on primary stat.
    Secondary stats stay all in the grey area.

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