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Thread: Commander Focus #22: Ursa

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    ***Two big news in the end of the article!!***
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    Hello Commanders,

    In this week handbook we are going to discuss about Ursa. A lot of people got really impressed when Ursa was released and they used to ask my opinion about him. They were saying he is too overpower and would completely unbalance the game, but I used to say that despite he is really strong he is like a joker card. What do I mean with that, you may ask. Ursa is that kind of commander that can beat a full fleet alone, but he has a skill that is not automatically, so he is super dependent on both fleet formations. But, before we go deeply in this kind of analyses let me first talk about his main characteristics

    Ursa's special has the ability to increases own attack and s-attack by 800% for 3 rounds (!!!!!) and his base attack is already really high. Even with a small value in the s-attack attribute he will be able to do an amazing and powerful attack if he is buffed. He has a initial 20% anticritical, that is not high, but is nice and helps a lot. He also has a solid base block of 20% that is increased after his special is released by 80% and it lasts also 3 rounds!!! Although, as I said, his ability is not triggered automatically. He needs an allie to be killed so he can buff himself. That's why I believe he depends a lot in formations, as the he depends in a third part to releases his true potential.

    A detail that some people miss about him is his base 30% S-Damage reduction. Together with a very high block values makes Ursa a real tank that can sustain a full fleet like they were hitting a very solid wall.

    In the Lieutenants part I prefer tow of them in special: Krill and Elsa. Krill is great for Ursa, as he can make the tank to recover himself to a previous stronger version of the same fight. I've seen that happening and Fristert's Ursa being able to defeat alone even Pong's fleet (lost the video ). The problem with Krill is that in the beginning of the battle there is a high chance that Ursa can back to a not buffed version, so this may be a problem. Elsa, in my experience, is more deadly, as with her Ursa normally hits 3 times invisle and practically invulnerable against debuffs, such as locks, Azrael's curse, damage reductions and frezzes. I believe the only thing that makes Ursa not a constant appearance in CCC is that he is kinf of unpredictable, as I said. As Fristert doesn't like to play CCC we didn't have the chance to see a really strong Ursa in action.

    I couldn't end this article without mentioning Ursa's great potential for primus. Fristert for example is making about 45b damage with a robot. As primus is a very controlled environment for formations we can take Ursa's special full benefits and make him hits primus like a monster (you can see in the video I'll put in the end of the article).

    So, even if Ursa may not be super famous as FD, Azrael, Stratus and some others, do you want him in your fleet? What's your experience using him or fighting against him? Are you planning to buy him? Let's discuss about this amazing commander!

    Before I say good bye I'd like to bring a good news: We will now post videos of the commanders in action to complete the reading part. The videos are edited by the amazing Adrian Teodorescu and the first one can be found in

    The second great news is that we will randomly select 3 participants to win credits prizes. The prizes will be in order:
    1: 3000 credits
    2: 1500 credits
    3: 500 credits

    We will consider the members that comment in this article until December 30.

    See you in the Galaxy and Happy New Year!
    Командир просто отрадный!!! Я бы очень хотел его в свой флот!

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    2. And another fun video where Ursa annihilates an entire fleet. I can't remember the paint set up but even with lvl 2 paint I am about 100m weaker than the opponent.

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    Разве что для Праймуса, а так ставить некуда.

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    I have one dna an hope to be able to get the second one
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    Ursa ist really impressive. I do not have him yet, but I am really looking forward to catch him the next time available
    Usually I try to avoid fleets with Ursa, the few times i faced Ursa, I was not able to take him out early, so I lost. Ursa gives multiple tactial choices in particular if you do not have first shot you still will have chances to win. As mentioned the only challenge is to keep him alive

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    Red face

    J'ai vraiment besoin qu'un commandant aussi valeureux que toi dans ma flotte.

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    My Ursa in action

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    I use Ursa combo with Quasimodo. I let Quasi shoot before Ursa, so Duomillian also be link to Ursa. In the next round almost all the time she will be killed and Ursa will be active. Using dummy ship help to keep my formation

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    I want to get him I have fought against him many times and he has turned my world upside down

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    I am not eligible for the rewards. Usually videos will be of own fleet winning, but can't help to share this Ursa Youtube video entitle "Don't play ping pong with Ursa" where I lost.

    Ursa - Don't play Ping Pong with Ursa - 2016-12-28

    In Galaxy League, against a player with 1 level lower and less force. Bit off more than I could bite.

    Lesson learnt - don't play ping pong with Ursa

    Will be trying to incorporate Ursa into my fleet to one - up my fleet.
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