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Thread: Game is crashing every 5 min

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vitaliy Medvedev View Post
    On my device iPhone 4s game stuck everyday and only help is reinstall the game. Just rebooting or something like this does not help at all.
    Yeah, now i can't even get load the phone when i play on the iPhone 4S (which i use to leave it online). Frustrating
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    I am having same problem on my iPhone 6 but surprisingly no issues on my iPad... both have the 10.2...
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    Hah, so Gl is very democratic game, which crashes everywhere not depending of device model or platform.
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    I have the same problem with my iPhone 5s. Even worse : the game is also crashing after each fight in league, CQ and Primus.
    That makes it fairly impossible to play.
    I'll try a reinstall a tell you if I see a difference

    The game works just fine on my iPad pro.
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    I also have the same issue but for me is mostly when i try to open the battle chat in Pandora events. Playing also on Iphone.

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