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Thread: Dor Fan Club - The Inevitable Sniper

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    Seems that I am not realizing the true Dor potential as he is on my bench for quite some time which is because I have Alfred and Ursa which are taken all my Ranger chips. Maybe I would need to reconsider? Great battles Nachteule! :-)
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    I use him! I love him and will make him to +10 for sure. I'm not think about switching him one time since i have him...props!!
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    This will be most likely my last contribution to this thread as I switched Dor for Brian. (But it's very likely that Dor 2.0 aka Reindeer Queen will come back to my team.)

    The Dor in this video is near to maximum - augmented to lv 12; Ranger TS-5 with purple/golden stats; full Aeros and Armor, Cannon and Eye at lv. 3; a mix of golden and red medals; and supported by Knous... but anyways after Caro has died an unexpected result I guess.

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