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Thread: Galactic Chairmen Guide :: CCC Analysis :: October 2016 Level 100 (iOS)

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    Galactic Chairmen Guide :: CCC Analysis :: October 2016 Level 100 (iOS)

    Cross Cosmos Competition October 2016 iOS Level 100 Review

    This is the first time i try to write it. With time i will get better in this. Some text maybe the same as Nachteule for his Android version. Sorry for that. I will get better with time.

    Please understand that article is shorter than the one from Android.

    On iOS district 33 different super rare SS and Dark SS commanders were sent to the battlefields.

    Regular Commander Usage Analysis

    Similar to Android Fearsome Devil is the most used commander. Next in line is Stratus not too far behind. They are accompanied by Maggie, Azrael and Anatoli as the next three regular commanders in the ranking.

    Looking over all commander classes the regular commanders have a similar significance like in Android. Towards the final the number of regular commanders in the fleet slowly decreases. The final was very much one sided.

    First Strike-Win Analysis

    This time first-strike win continue from last month - the players with the faster teams have a comparably higher success rate.


    Five players are from WAR alliance!

    Appendix A - Position Usage Distribution

    Position usage shows position 1 is not favored by the players.
    Position 9, 7 and 5 in that order are the most used ones.

    Appendix B - Raw Data

    Google sheet: Raw Data

    Youtube videos of all level 100 battles:
    Last 32 left branch:
    Last 32 right branch:
    Last 16:
    Quarter finals, semifinals and final:

    Appendix C - Previous Wrap-Ups
    Sep 2016 Level 100 (iOS)
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    Great thing, nice work! Congrats!!
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