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Thread: Guide: How to start your current account on a new device

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    Guide: How to start your current account on a new device

    Hi guys, lately i see a lot of players asking how to bring their current account on to a new device, so for that reason i decided to write a guide about it.

    First of all congrats on your new device, have fun with it.

    We start with downloading and installing the Galaxy Legend app.
    When you open the app the game will start from scratch, so you can either be patient and sit out the tutorial or you can choose to skip.
    Whatever you choose at a certain moment you will need to choose a gender, doesn't matter what gender you choose as you will not use this account anyway
    Proceed until you are on the main interface
    In the right downside corner you will find an arrow on it


    This will open an option bar, on this bar tab on settings

    Screenshot_2016-12-10-15-11-21_LI (3).jpg

    In settings tab on switch
    Note: if your account is not bound to facebook, you can select the action on this interface


    This will open a screen where you will see your account, this will most certainly start with UA followed by a lot of numbers
    You find it just beneath start (in example you see my account name) so just tab on that account name


    In the screen that opens push on Tap to add new account


    (1) On this account interface use the tab Login
    (2) Or tap on facebook login if your account is bound to facebook


    (1) Now the only thing you need to do is enter your current account and password and you can start your current game on your new device.
    (2) If you used the option to login via facebook, you will need to enter your facebook login and your facebook password
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