Greetings! Since some players still have doubts about how to use our Black Friday Discount Coupon, we hereby give you an explanation:

1. How to get Discount Coupons:
Players can join Galaxy League to get Discount Coupon Packs. Open one to get 1000 Cubits and an extra chance to get a Bronze, Silver or Gold Coupon (Please head to the event entrance on the main interface for details).

2. How to use Discount Coupons:
During the period from 2016-11-24 02:00 UTC to 2016-11-27 00:00 UTC, after using a Discount Coupon, players can get corresponding Crystal returns if they make purchases in the Black Market.

3. Special Explanation:
① Players can use multiple Discount Coupons at one time to purchase multiple items; the discount effect of coupons won't be stacked, but can be used on a discounted Black Market item.
② If a player uses Discount Coupons of different types at one time, a Gold Coupon will be consumed first; then, Silver Coupon; and last, Bronze Coupon.

Thank you for your enduring support!

Galaxy Legend