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The other reason big fish opt for Stratus first is the 100% lock at high augment. While he may not hit all his opponents, he's got a really nice hit rate at that level, so it's rather likely he gets most/all of them.

FD opener: maybe kill 1 opponent, plunder defensives from everyone.
Stratus opener: maybe kill 1+ opponents, augment-dependent maybe lock 1+ opponents, massive DEF-down of those he does hit.

If you know you're slower and run a destroyer for jackie loop purposes, there's no reason not to have your first shooter be Stratus, (unless you happen to have Starlord )
Why arent you in the top 32 CCC fights! You know everything about this game! Tell your in game contact to fill your account with credits so we can watch a true player compete rather then the wallets!