Introduction of Manoinver's Cabin

1. Players above Lv90 can enter Manoinver's Cabin through the Fleet interface;
2. Players can upgrade Components for a single ship in Manoinver's Cabin to increase Power;
3. Players can get Dark Aerosiderite from the Stellar Territory Forest and use it in Manoinver's Cabin to upgrade Components. Components must be upgraded in a certain order, players can upgrade the next Component if the current Component is updated to the max level.
4. Except for Components, each ship can also find a large Slot in Manoinver's Cabin, and Legendary Equipment can be used in the Slot. Legendary Equipment will be open for all players soon, and it can give more stat bonuses to your Component upgrade, as well as a passive skill. The more Components players upgrade, the more stat bonuses the Legendary Equipment can provide, and the more powerful the passive skill can be. Players can even unlock new Slots to equip more Legendary Equipment.
5. Players can reset Components to initial stats and get most of the resources spent on it back. So, don't worry, just upgrade your ships!

If you have any doubts or suggestions on the new system, please feel free to to contact our customer services for help.

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