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Thread: Mystery 2016-11-01 (3 days)

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    Mystery 2016-11-01 (3 days)

    • Bring in your best commanders of the same type to enjoy the bonus power up. 2 of the same gets 50% boost, 4 of the same gets 100% boost
    • Destroyers (or those ships that can reduce Def, I only have FD so can't be sure if Stratus or Azrael wil help)

    Strategy used
    • Basically i used flagship as sacrifice opposite opponent's first shooter once I was one shot killed
    • And try to take out Flagship as fast as possible.
    • If you can lock or deaccumulate Flagship, that helps

    Notable Enemy
    • Flagship special attack, hits all 9 position (2 Chinese character + DOT) if you do not have sufficient HP it will be destroyed.

    Refresh & Revives
    Can challenge the worm hole 3 times
    Reset wormhole cost = 2500 credits
    Revive cost = 80 credits

    1. In general only 1 or 2 opponents have full accumulator in the early waves
    2. Wave 2: Kit full accumulator
    3. Wave 3: opponent shoots first, no opponent with full accumulator
    4. Wave 4: Full accumulator, Warden
    5. Wave 5: Dark Asgard accumulator full, Flagship 3 accumulator
    6. Wave 6: Lyon & Flagship accumulator full
    7. Wave 7: Flagship & Kit full accumulator, opponent first shot
    8. Wave 8: Flagship full accumulator
    9. Wave 9: Warden & Flagship full full accumulator, 1 HP bar removed once Flagship special shoots
    10. Wave 10: Flagship & Dark Asgard full accumulator
    11. Wave 11: All opponent commanders full accumulator
    12. Wave 12: 174M HP reduced to 144M HP after Flagship shoots special
    13. Wave 13: 144M HP reduced to 123M HP after Flagship shoots special, Aethos now one-shots my flagship
    14. Wave 14: 177M HP reduced to 51M HP after Flagship shoots special

    Wave 3 - 10K tech points
    Wave 5 - 10K tech points
    Wave 7 - 10x Trident Band Capacitor
    Wave 10 - 1x Class ship pack
    Wave 13 - 15x Trident Band Capacitor
    Wave 15 - 50K tech points
    Wave 20 - 50K tech points
    Wave 25 - 1x Pandora pack

    Noted: Just brought in my usual PvP with all 5 different commanders. Will try later to see if the boost up is worth it.
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