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Thread: Halloween Gift - Meteor R7 [27-29 Oct 2016]

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    Quote Originally Posted by darre View Post
    Winter is most definitely coming and it will bring another evil money sucking event

    Must be that some commanders are build after their developers example, only difference is that commanders suck your stats while tap sucks your bank account
    I know... the ultimate commander S-Atk... sucks opponent's credits... modeled after Robin Hood.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ASR1927 View Post
    I really dislike that they keep calling these money sucking events for "gifts". In my world a gift is something free. The grand prize here is for the very most of us very expensive.
    completely agree with you.. it is a scam!

    you get them often in your post boxes.. YOU HAVE WON!! BUT you must buy this and that, and than you have chance to get something... SCAM
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