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Thread: Forest of Stellar Territory

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hernan D View Post
    It's not that bad of a deal. Specially as I think he would need half of that at the most.

    1200 for 3 cores is a good deal. It's what you usually need to spend on IC when there's an event that gives cores
    Yep... never said it was a bad deal. I would do it too probably .. .and the cubits ain't half bad either... he needs gala energy for those monster R7 requirements.
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    Hi player,

    Glad to hear from you. This is Eva from tap4fun customer service.

    Thanks so much for your feedback and your screenshots. As for your issue about the Forest of Interstellar Territory, it has been delivered to our concerned team and we are still working for it now. Please be free from worries. Once we get the reply, we will tell about it first. Sincerely appreciate for your patient waiting.

    Thanks again for your understanding and enduring support for the game. We really appreciate a loyal player like you. Have a nice day!

    Best regards,

    Really curious how this will turn out
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