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Thread: Aquos and FD

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    Aquos will never get old
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    I have him and he is benched. Yes he is good, but others are better.

    The Good:

    Great Dodge
    Can copy any player skill
    Average damage even for an older commander

    The Bad:

    Low penetration so gets countered
    Can copy a useless or unwanted skill
    If being used on a lower player damage can be an issue.

    so now if you take the good from the bad all you are left with is good dodge....He is too random to be reliable and the majority of the time when you need him to copy a certain skill you will get gravity trap.... He is fun to use but can be difficult with the random side.
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    Agree, I never believed in randomness in winning fights or pay credits for it. I pay for sure things (well mostly sure things).

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    Как же сложно без переводчика

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mihail Morozov View Post
    Как же сложно без переводчика
    Вы можете использовать Google Chrome. Он имеет переводчик функцию

    (You can use Google Chrome. It has the function of translator)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ASR1927 View Post
    Hej Yes he gain 100 accu. When he copy he get all benefits except def ignorance when copying a destroyer

    And a video of Aquos copy FD here:
    waw nice work ASR, I never noticeed copy of accu but you right i verified that, it is true ..
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