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Thread: Slight Help with an Enemy

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    i have the 7th and 3rd position not unlocked yet.

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    You have to unlock 7th position? Is this new? I can not remember that I must unlock this the old days.

    Anyway you may try my second suggestion with Maggie shooting second. Just shift left row in the middle.

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    well from what i can see i cant put anything into the 3rd or 7th slot for now. Unless i counted wrong.

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    All positions need to be unlocked by reaching a certain rank. The seventh spot is the second last to be released. Usually you will have this spot around level 80 if I remember correctly. You can check the PRESTIGE screen for details. For 9th spot you need to collect 10M Prestige points which will take 1.5 to 2 years with normal activity and spending.
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    yeah well i dont have that slot unlocked yet, since it depends on the prestige you earned, and i havent earned 1 million, yet.

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    Recent servers seem to have greatly accelerated XP gains... players are rather easily making it to 85/90/95 in a month of play if they have a good alliance (and some idea of how to play )
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    Slight update: he got himself stratus now instead oft Brom. Interesting choice

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    Quote Originally Posted by freakplayer View Post
    Slight update: he got himself stratus now instead oft Brom. Interesting choice
    Stratus is on sale now ...
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    well i know, just dont have the credits to buy him, tried the first few chests, but didnt get lucky.


    seems like he went big spender and got himself Fearsome Devil now too. No chance for me anymore it seems like.
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    did you got stratus, or...?
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