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Thread: Commander Focus #19: Fearsome Devil

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anakin View Post
    A really bad thing about FD in my opinion is that his def debuff overwrites another previous def debuff, even when the text of his special says it should stack. So if you starts with Stratus and FD fires in sequence you'll lose the bigger debuff from Stratus. That's boring specialty for people that has Stratus +15, as his debuff would work for 2 rounds. An example of this is 197911, that has Stratus +15 and hides his FD intentionally, so doesn't loses his Stratus debuff, his commanders have enough HP to normaly survives a FD that is below +12 and he can protects his FD to keep blocking the enemy's FD with his Jackie.
    I didn't know that.

    So let me get it straight. Let's say you fire Stratus first and lower the def of 2 ships by 80%. If FD fires afterwards it will overwrite that debuff and those 2 ships will have full def minus what FD plundered?
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    yes if Devil shot after this, devil i think will get lower defence then until Stratus to shot first...
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    Fearsome devil is dangerous. I don't have him and at the beginning he really annoyed me. I just couldn't win the battles against him. Even 150m lower force players wiped the floor with me.
    I have 2 meteors r7s and 3 r6s and still shoot second most of the time. It's a fearsome devil thing. I noticed that 90% of the time he shoots first. (I long suspected a speed bug but I cannot check opponent gala setup in for example arena).
    I just suffered until I got ursa. He takes everyone out. One by one.
    Most people use Jackie or kit as Lt. Well, with Geoffrey becoming outdated recently (Anatoli, new protector - I don't even know his name because tap bring out stuff so quickly that I don't even look anymore) I don't mind them using Kit. And if they use Jackie it's even better. I use Incendos for strategic reasons. Fearsome devil blocks incendos special to go off but incendos also blocks another fearsome devil special. By that time Ursa takes FD out and Incendos becomes so overcharged that he turns into a loose cannon destroying everything in his way. Of course there's an error margin everywhere. It's not foolproof but works really well.

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    I dont use destroyers and dont have FD. But i have to say that FD isnt a threat any more. I have Ursa +7 Stratus+7 Raksha +5 Maggie +5 and FS+4. I fight players 100mill force more than me in Galaxy League that have FD and 80% of the time i win.

    I think FD is outdated now. More than likely they will release a new generation destroyer in the coming months. So i wouldnt bother with getting FD next time hes available in a chest event.

    Just my 2 sents.

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    Yes. FD no longer can one shot kill but his reduce all opponents defense does help in assistance.
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