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Thread: Galaxy Legend endless problem

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    Galaxy Legend endless problem

    I can play so far aslong i can but battles in the Arena, Galaxy League, Chaos Quasar or Wormholes
    and even Cross Server Battles are an unending problem of freezes and crashes. Finished most tasks
    on my main account, except Cross Server Battles Glitches Freezes and Crashed 9 time in a row.
    Galaxy League crashed every time where 1 out of 4 a battle occurs but the next one freezes again
    and crashes.

    Chaos Quasar started with that one first and could pass again without problem unlike the past 3-5 days
    since it started to freeze madly again (always happens when an events is in process)

    So i skipped at the moment and when to my secondary & third account. I've quit after it crashed 14 times.
    So i only got my daily monthly credits and stopped for today cause it makes my lose time. I used to finished all 3
    under 6 hours now it takes way to much.

    I'm not planning to get another new phone or tablet for another messy update comes along...
    then it starts to feel useless as a game..

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    Yes there are a lot of freezing problems. Several times my Dor send a Frost Jr looking attack and then the game freeze. Have to restart the app every time it happens.

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    Game freezes in lots of places.
    My big issue is still related to daily prizes collection as well as to freezing while fighting in Galaxy League.
    Also quite often game crashes when switching account. Right now, during CtC (we do share game accounts) this type of crash is especially annoying.
    The full list of game bugs is endless i think
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    I have same freezing issues.. but this guy, Samuel has extreme problems. I think there was some update lately released on Google play (I am on Android).. try to update the game if you have not done so ..
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    On ios i have many crashes too, sometimes even if i restart the phone and clean cache, cookie the game dont start so at every 2-3 days i need to delete and reinstall the game...
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    Well after reading all this i'm glad i'm on android
    Only annoying problem i have is that game freezes when collecting dailies.
    The list of bugs is far to long to describe here in one topic
    I noticed if i wait to long to delete the t4 files the problems get worse so i took the habit of deleting t4 files once a week
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