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Thread: [galaxy legend] help me !!

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    [galaxy legend] help me !!

    Hi, i wrote you to guys and havnt heard back yet. Im having trouble logging in again, its happened a few times already. Its and error alert, says connection error please retry.Error:1_2_0 can you please help, ivespent a lot of money on this game and the last time this happened i wasnt logged in for a couple of months and i fell way behind, not fair. Please help i appreciate it thank you

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    Tap4fun customer service is not present here in forum.

    Check information of this thread for contacting service:

    Usually an uninstall + cache clearing + re-install with W-Lan connection helps. You must know your login if you want to test this approach.
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    I normally have this type of issue if I loose wifi connection. As soonas wifi with internet access is back I can connect back with no problem. I am afraid that from t4f you get useless reply. The advice from Nachteule is good.
    In addtion also delete folder of the Galaxy Legend on your device before installing new one... this helped me before.
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