To encourage commanders to expand their power, the Empire has decided to hold a Cross-Cosmos Competition. Take part in the competition and meet players from all servers. Fight for your place in the Top 32, Top 16, and the title of Champion! Take the title of strongest in the universe, and claim your rightful spot at the top!

Event Details:
1. After the event starts, you can enter via Dexter’s Lab.
2. The competition is divided into three parts.
1). Sign-up: from 2016-9-18 00:00 UTC to 2016-9-20 00:00 UTC
Tap the <Register> icon in the Cross-Cosmos Competition page to sign up. The sign-up stage will last two days, and there will be no way to enter the competition after the sign-up periods ends.
2). Pre-Selection: From 2016-9-20 00:00 to 2016-9-22 at 00:00 UTC (Each round will have 12 hours in which players can adjust battle formations. There are four rounds in total, to select the Top 32).
Click <Submit> in the Cross-Cosmos Competition page to submit your battle formation, equipment, Galactonite level, etc. There will be some battles within each round, and if you lose a single battle, you will be disqualified from continuing. The last 8 remaining players from each round will be filtered into the Top 32.
3). Elimination Round: From 2016-9-22 at 00:00 to 2016-9-28 at 00:00 UTC
(From the Top 32 to the Semi-finals, the rule will be best of three, with each battle having an 8 hour preparation period, lasting 4 days. The Finals will use the rule of best of five, with each battle having a 4.8 hour preparation period, lasting 1 day. Participants can submit one battle formation during the preparation period).
3. Pre-Selection: get Z Boson and Cubits for each win. You will still get Cubits if you lose.
4. Elimination Rounds: Players can choose to support a battle participant in each round. If the participant they choose wins, they will also get Galactonite Energy. Please go to Event Page- Menu- My support to claim the reward.
5. Elimination Rounds: After each round is finished, the winner will get 50,000x Galactonite Energy and the loser can get 30,000x Galactonite Energy. Please go to the Reward Center to claim the rewards.

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