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Thread: Show a better You II - RESULTS!

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    Jul 2015

    giftbox Show a better You II - RESULTS!

    Winners of Perfect You Package (3k Credits) - Jury reward for best avatar pictures

    Ryoga Ryoga.s655 Deutsch05(IOS)
    Savvas SAVVAS.s825 World783
    Kris Kris.s3 World906

    Winners of Self Expression Package (1k Credits) - Jury reward for best avatar story

    Maxamusviper maxamusviper.s167 World1070
    Sander Prenga Aleks.s845 World803
    Vitaliy Medvedev nihilant.s328 World125(IOS)

    Winners of Better You Package (500 Credits) - Random participation reward

    Sangfrod Sangfrod.s23 World668(IOS)
    Matrox Cobain.s316 World1219
    darre darre.s90 World993
    Kiran Kumar Mummana draco.s277 en_1180
    JLeroux JLeroux.s39 World684(IOS)
    Klaus Beymer =ERL=.s68 World971
    Frederik Glas Endorian.s504 World1407
    jekas Jekas.s816 World495(IOS)
    dEUS dEUS.s816 World495(IOS)
    OKyHb Окунь.s551 Русский01(IOS)
    xaus Xaus.s915 World848
    Tanos Tanos.s449 World1352
    Elena Synelnik s1m0na.s510 World1413
    Shane Pennell Bud.s506 World1409
    Damir Haseljic xanmk3.s125 World1028
    Ng Si Liek Dita.s643 World428(IOS)
    Donatello Donatello.s271 World65(IOS)
    Begumbetov ARHANGEL.s477 World1380
    Alexa Apelsina АВС.s104 World1007
    loken.s558 loken.s558 Русский08(IOS)
    Tatiana Mischenko Mlwin.s85 World730(IOS)
    Vu Hong Nguyen Galaxy6139.s477 World462
    Luda Silverstone Luda.s764 World436(IOS)
    MsWhirlWind MsWhirlwind.s23 World668(IOS)
    Tomas Vasiliauskas štriode.s412 World211(IOS)
    виктор Виктор.s566 World350(IOS)
    Congrats to all active participators! It is you who make our Galaxy Legend more beautiful!

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    thank you and congratz all. BTW when comes the reward?
    =ERL=.s68 world 971 Android

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    Спасибо. И мои. Поздравления
    Xaus.s915 / world 848 / Android / уровень 100

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    got it i think
    i think i ve 500 credits more as before
    =ERL=.s68 world 971 Android

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    Donatello Donatello.s271 World65(IOS)
    There was little confusion with my World as now it is 57 but i got helped by Nachteule and i received the credits directly into the account without the need to claim them. Thank you very much
    Lvl 110, Free VIP 5, Arena Rank: Top 20, iOS; Merged Worlds 57, 59, 60, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72
    Force: 11 500M, PVP Fleet: Slade T-IV +12 with Lt. Knous +7, Murometz +8 with Lt. Krill +7
    Nicolas +15 with Lt. Louise +13, Roland +7 with Lt. Kit +4, Richard +7 with Lt. Herbert +7

    You know me but I know you better.

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    Thx and received my reward - happy :-)

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    Nov 2015
    thx for present)
    loken.s558 Русский08 IOS
    Alliance Akatsuki
    Member of Legion Foundation group

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    Thank you! Received it! :-)
    World684(iOS) - Lvl 110
    Fleet: Elena [+15], Nicholas [+15], Richard[+15], Roland (SS)[+15] and Slade (T5)[+15].

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    37.2350 N 115.8111 W
    Thank you very much. ��
    Maxamusviper.s167 (Android)
    World 1070 Level100 The Swarm (Chair)
    Proud member of TCT The Conspiracy Theory

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    United Kingdom
    Thanks...they will come in handy
    Kris.s3 World 906
    FS +7 (Mileena) Fitzgerald +7 (Paccar) Azrael +7 (Violette) Star Lord +7 (Elsa) Raksha +7 (Krill)

    You can follow the crowd and be as miserable as the rest or you can be different and happy

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