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Thread: Commander Focus #18: Joya

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    I manage to protect Joya with a faily good success :
    - I position her behind geoffrey, midlane most of the time.
    - I try to avoid first and last lane which are often taken by powerfull cross-attacks from my opponents (stratus, azrael, etc...)
    - Cryptor does help keeping her alive too.

    As for Joya vs FD
    To my experience FD is better weither you shoot first or second as a locked Joya is still weaker than a locked FD.

    Go for Joya only if :
    You want to spare money
    If you other commanders can protect her cause she will deal strong and steady dmg in that case
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    I usually takes me about 3 shots to kill a FD that didn't activate special
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    THis JOya its more good then Vlerie, but FD still the best
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    Quote Originally Posted by Myhay Nycu Maglasu View Post
    THis JOya its more good then Vlerie, but FD still the best
    Difference is Joya can be found in portal, FD can't
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