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Thread: Commander Focus #18: Joya

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    Commander Focus #18: Joya

    Hello, Commanders.

    In this week handbook we will talk about Joya. This article is kind of hard to write as even Joya being a very powerful destroyer not many top players use her, specialty now that Fearsome was released and showed himself an extremely strong destroyer.

    She has a very interesting special: horizontal attack with the ability to recover a big part of her accumulator. She can be compared to Dark Kerom, that is a very powerfull commander.

    Joya arrived in a month most of the players were expecting the destroyer that would replace Incendos. I believe that in a lot of situations she is stronger than him, although she wasn’t strong enough to make people crazy by her(even her being one of the most beautiful commanders in the game). Why do I believe she is stronger than in Incendos in a lot of situations? Because Incendos is (maybe was) a great starter, but after that he doesn’t help too much. Even worst, he has a low hit rate and we have much more HP now than when he was released. So Joya came as a Destroyer that easily can (or could before fearsome) fires a lot of multi-target specials. That is definitely a great quality for a Destroyer, specialty when she starts with a high accumulator and recovers it every round.

    In my fights against Joya I faced a Destroyer that loves to hit critical specials. I definitely respect her as enemy, as I lost some easy battles because she did the comeback.

    Why do I beleive she couldn't completely replaces Incendos, then? I believe in three main resons:
    1 - People were still waiting that in the anniversary tap would release a mega Destroyer (we were right :P);
    2 - She wasn't still able to oneshot, so have a cross attacker was better;
    3 - New commanders were coming with crazy buff and/or debuffs, so players were disappointed that she didn't have any of them.

    What’s your opinion about her? Have you ever fight against her? Do you have her? Wants her? Come and join the discussion.

    See you in the Galaxy.
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