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Thread: Show a better You II - Avatar posts

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    My avatar fits my name in the game. Perch strong fish, a predator. Sometimes eats me, sometimes I eat someone.
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    Я выбрал этот аватар, потому что он похож на меня и на мою жизнь. Сначала он говорит(мой аватар) что я весь день работал, а потом придя домой усталый и злой. Продолжал играть в игру Galaxy Legend. И эта игра успокаивает мне нервы. Этот аватар копия меня.
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    The mad Thanos it is the same as I do, sometimes crazy . It reminds me of the captain primus ))

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    My usual gaming name traced back to a manga character

    First I choosed Seagal for this forum as he was my favourite one I ever dreamed of. Strong and wise! Unfortunately I solely could afford Armoray but he is doing a good job


    I understand that we should personalize our avatars. So here I create my own:
    上传的图像 上传的图像
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    I chose this avatar because it is funny. So just play for fun!
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    I chose this one cause I'm the storm coming to beat you. Lol

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    i chose mine bcs it represents peak of human augmenting its cloacked in mistery is it realy human in there...or is it perfectly calculated killing machine
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    Face Changer 2_4Fhmui.jpg

    We are but specks of matter scattered across this universe made up of a multitude of complex emotions, all individuals, all unique, all irreplaceable.

    I picked my avatar because it has no face other than the mirrored image of the universe, for me it represents that we are all the same children of the universe much larger than any religion, much larger than nationality, so much more than just human.
    We are as complex and diverse as gains of sand on a beach capable of anything.
    I gave my avatar a facelift to celebrate the Galaxy Legend 3rd Anniversary, Happy Birthday!!

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    My avatar had the simply important message..

    Dont break the dreams of our child . They want to believe that Miracle are present on our life .

    We have dream , and we try to catch them and to bring on our life , to make us more better and feel free and high.

    Let take the best we can on our life and on our people that are around us.
    Enjoy everyday of your life, because is your opportunity ..... every day
    Aleks.s845 World803 Android
    ( play for fun .. and i enjoy the game ..)
    The best Wishes to All

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    Super Battle Ship Dita is.... Powerful and Fast
    Will rule the galaxy with this super duper ship.

    Dita s643 world 431 iOS
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