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Thread: Show a better You II - Avatar posts

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    giftbox Show a better You II - Avatar posts

    Use this thread to participate in "Show a better You II" event and share your avatar story here!!

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    Why so serious? Thats my attidude towards life.
    Just take life easy. Shit always will happen.
    Im not using Joker(Trickster) in my current fleet but i bought him just as a mascot for myself
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    I chose this avatar because of the space theme
    To explore space and also your innerspace to it's limits
    darre.s90 world 993 android
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    I like cabal. So I set hi as my avatar

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    Actually a great initiative and that made me change to Avatar that what it should be, instead of just being lazy and take what is offered. Mine would be Bumblebee (Transformers) as I like science fiction and well it goes back to when I was young. Bumblebee is someone you can rely on but can also joke around. And it also fits a bit with the game as we can somehow transform our commanders. When I would need to pick an Avatar from the game I would go for Incendos, as fire does always catch my attention hence he is somehow one of my favorites.
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    The reason for my avatar is in my signature. It represents me perfectly in real life and how i play this game. Oh and yellow if my favourite colour
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    I use this avatar because opal was my first good ship when i was new in this game 2 years ago. And i love the smile of this little girl behind opal
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    =ERL=.s68 world 971 Android

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    I've been using this avatar for quit some time know, although it has little to do with GL.
    It is from the Goolge Niantic game Ingress. at least a fan picture from the resistance
    Endorian.s504 | world1407 | Android

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    i like this avatar. its funny

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    I love this picture. It's concetrates my love for relaxing with some booze (never excessive), listening to great music and Murdok, the best character of one of my favourite groups, Gorillaz.
    Or... maybe I'm this good looking guy!
    Well, decide this for yourself...

    Forgot to say...
    dEUS.s816 World 495 (iOS)
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